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"Hi", "Merhaba" and "Moin". I am Gülru.

I am a systemic life and career coach, cosmopolitan, mother of two multicultural boys in an international marriage. My mission is to support you with coaching sessions in in English, German or Turkish to have a self determined and fulfilled life abroad.

Moving abroad is never easy. Culture shock is real. Even if you live already abroad for quite some time new challenges emerge. You may feel yourself as a foreigner, not belonging to the country you are living in, not belonging to your home country neither. Does not matter where we go, fear, insecurity, permanent desire to be pleasing or maybe pressure of success, we took our burdens with us and the new context can even sharpen our issues.

I know all of these, I have been there: 

I followed my career and moved abroad. Then I followed my love, left my career and moved abroad again. Meanwhile I settled down in Hamburg with my family of four and combined my passion for people with my international background:

I consult global minds like you who pursuit a self determined and fulfilled life abroad.

Which challenge sounds familiar to you?

Your life is unique, so are your challenges. And this how I approach each and every journey with my clients. In the same time throughout my coaching sessions with great international people I came across six life changing decisions and situations which are typical for Global minds. I have specialized my coaching approach in exactly these crossroads.

I am looking forward to accompany you. 
No matter if living abroad is a new chapter for you...

Should I stay or should I go?

Opportunity abroad

  • You are dreaming of going abroad but you do not know where to begin.
  • You have an opportunity to go abroad but you are not sure if it is the right for you.
  • You already decided to move and want to make sure that you are well prepared for this big step.
In the course of our sessions
I will help you to make the right decision and go confidently towards your new life.

Lost In Translation

moved abroad for Love

  • You recently moved abroad because of a job opportunity your partner got. You left your career, your friends and family behind.
  • You feel isolated in the new culture. You are afraid that the balance in your relationship shifts since you are more dependent on your partner.
In the course of our sessions
you will turn your new country into your new home. You will manage to keep the balance in your relationship. 

World On My Shoulders


  • You moved abroad thanks to a great job opportunity. You took your partner and family with you.
  • You try to prove yourself at work, support your partner who quit for you, get to adapt to a new culture. The responsibility and challenges grow over your head.
In the course of our sessions
you will find ways to succeed in your new position but not at the expense of your family.  

...or you are already an old hand at expat life...

Oh I'm An Alien,  A Legal Alien

experienced global mind

  • You moved a long time ago but it does not feel like home.
  • This feeling that something is missing never lets you go.
  • You do not plan to go back, but you also do not really want to stay. 
You are wondering if is because of the foreign land, a lack of purpose or your relationship.  

In the course of our sessions
you will find out what is missing. I will accompany you to transform your life abroad!

Same same but different

universal issues abroad

  • You are a living abroad and face issues like lack of purpose, professional reorientation, self-esteem problems, setting boundaries, or other conflicts in your personal or professional life.
  • You are looking for a person to talk to, who not only understands your issue, but also your international background.
In the course of our sessions
you will overcome your issues. I will guide you to be confident and self-determined abroad.

Take the long way home


  • You think to repatriate but you are not sure if it is the right decision.
  • You have already decided to repatriate but want to get prepared. 
  • You are already back and surprised that adapting back to your own culture is not as easy as you expected. 
In the course of our sessions
 you will determine out what the right next step is for you. You will unlock your new potential abroad - or back home. 

Journeys of global minds

What some of my clients say

After moving to a totally new country, I was feeling both excited and scared. I was a 27-year-old woman and mother to a 6 months old baby, who had left her career behind. Gülru`s support was crucial deciding on my steps forward.

Zennube Ezgi Kaya Ünveren

a Global mind from istanbul

Gülru understands the core of a person, she is able to be empathetic with you and guide you through your fears and doubts in order for you to find your path, I can only recommend and thank her for her guidance.

Alejandra Torres Chavez

A GLOBAL MIND FROM gudalajara 

The calm and serenity that Gülru passes to you were very valuable in everyday's challenge, not only on getting familiar with this new reality, but also professionally. Her guidance made me see with more clarity. 

Francisco Cruz


Gülru is a very authentic person who gives you the feeling and strength to define and achieve your goals in a professional way. She is especially recommended because her thought-provoking ideas gave me a new perspective on my situation.

Daniela Mahlreisrer

a global mind from würzburg

Welcome to your community of global minds

I am eager to hear your story in a first call  

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You have no urgent need for coaching right now but you are interested in meeting up and exchanging ideas with exciting international people? Then I like to welcome you in the our  community of global minds.  Just use the same form below and I will let you know about specific events and webinars I am organizing for global minds. 

Either way, I wish you all the best for your exciting journey. 
Safe travels, fellow cosmopolitan, or as it says in my native language: iyi yolculuklar!

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