A path between two worlds

Alejandra Torres Chavez

I moved to Hamburg 8 years ago without knowing much about life here. With time I learned the culture and the language, but still I was lost between 2 worlds. Then a separation happened and I didn't know what to do: continue to adapt in Germany or return to Mexico.... Then I meet Gülru and start the coaching sessions with her, where I discover a new path between my two worlds, I learn to recognize the best of both countries and fully live the new opportunities that kept coming to me over time. Gülru understands the core of a person, she is able to be empathetic with you and guide you through your fears and doubts to find your way. I can only recommend her and thank her for her guidance.

Clarity instead of worries

Francisco Cruz

In 2017, I moved to Hamburg with my family without being familiar with the city, the language and the special habits that exist here, so questions arose: Did I take the move well? How will I manage? Anxiety took over... and I felt the need to get professional support from Gülru. It was the right decision. The calmness and serenity she provides were and are very valuable in the daily challenge, not only to get comfortable with this new reality, but also professionally. Her guidance made me see with more clarity what I want to do or be. Thank you! 

Feeling and strength for new goals

Daniela Mahlreisrer

Gülru is a very authentic and sympathetic person who gives you the feeling and the power to define and achieve your goals in a professional way. With many ideas, confused thoughts and without a concrete goal, we started the coaching in a difficult phase of life.
She is especially to be recommended, as her thought-provoking impulses as well as impulses to rethink have inspired me and have given me a different perspective on my situation. She addresses my issues individually and develops solutions and paths with me. To do this, she uses pictorial tools, which allows her to convey her knowledge to me in an understandable and practical way.
I would like to continue on this exciting path with her and see her as a great support, whether in private or professional matters. An absolute added value. 

A new beginning in Germany

Zennube Ezgi Kaya Ünveren

Gülru's support was crucial to my steps forward.
After moving to Germany, a completely new country, I felt both excited and scared. At the time, I was a 27-year-old woman and mother of a 6-month-old baby who had left her career behind. Moving to Hamburg was a decision for the future of our family that we have never regretted. But it was never easy. Two years passed during which I supported my husband, who had his full-time job here, took care of our daughter, struggled with learning German, and was sometimes frustrated with how I was leaving my career behind. After actively working for seven years, I felt overwhelmed with my new life and struggled to imagine my future and prospects in Hamburg.
Gülru had a wonderful way of supporting me to really get to the heart of what I wanted to do with my life and career. She supported me to stay focused, encouraged me to develop my goals and define what I really want and love to do in life. Thanks to Gülru's support, I was able to make the right decisions and I landed on my job at Siemens.
Aside from her influence on my career, I appreciated her help in reflecting on the needs within the marriage and how a relationship is affected by moving abroad. She always has the right words in her pocket and I really admire her professionalism, enriched by a very optimistic and constructive approach.
Thank you Gülru, for all your support!

Your Story?

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